About Deb Evans

Deb Evans

Hey Y’all!!

I’m Deb Evans, a creativity-driven multipreneur with a passion for words and language, as well as a children's book author dedicated to helping children discover a love of reading. I am the owner of Good Sentences Press and the publisher of books by Deb Evans.

I’m obsessed with dogs, and a bit obsessed with photography too. I was a professional photographer for over 20 years. You'll find that dogs and cats are a running theme in my writing and photography work.

I live in Cypress, Texas, northwest of Houston, although the internet allows me to work anywhere! My husband calls me a “big kid.” I adore children and all animals. I’m happiest sitting on my back porch with my husband, my dogs, and something to read.

I love working with struggling readers, celebrating with them as they discover the joys of reading and writing. Kids need to know that someone is rooting for them, and “my kids” know that I will be their #1 cheerleader as the tackle the challenging task of developing reading and writing skills.

  • I am obsessed with my fictional dog Bella. :)
  • I love words and language and tutor reading and writing to young children. I’m fascinated by Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. I am Team Oxford Comma. I love reading mysteries, fantasy, and historical fiction.
  • I have been self-employed since college and love to share what I’ve learned over the years with other professionals and small business owners.
  • I am intrigued by the brain and neurodiversity and even have a Brain Health Coach Certification from Amen University. Just because.
  • I also run a professional TAX practice. I’ve been an Enrolled Agent, a federally-licensed tax pro, for ten years, providing tax planning and preparation, as well as representing taxpayers before the IRS.
  • I live in Cypress, Texas, northwest of Houston, with my husband of 30 years Mike, whom I adore, our three dogs, and one cat. We homeschooled two daughters, who are now successfully living their own amazing lives out in the world.
  • I am a history buff and active in the Daughters of the American Revolution. I give an annual Constitution presentation to our chapter each year.
  • My Favorite Historical Figures are Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, William Shakespeare, and Queen Elizabeth I (What? You don’t have a list of favorite historical figures?). A few of my favorite literary characters are Hercule Poirot, Scarlet O'Hara, Elizabeth Bennett, and Sherlock Holmes.