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Bella's Fables - paperback

Bella's Fables - paperback

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Bella’s Fables by Deb Evans is the first book in the Bella’s Tales series. It is a chapter book for young readers – short sentences, accessible vocabulary, simple plot while still being engaging and fun.

“I love being able to share old fables with my 3-year-old in a manner that he loves. He loves dogs and loves me reading to him, so a story about a mommy dog telling stories to her puppies is right up his alley. We love this book!” Caroline in Oklahoma

“I really like Bella’s Fables. It is an awesome book that teaches good lessons and is kid friendly. It’s about a mommy dog and her puppies. Since her puppies won’t sleep, she tells them classic stories. I really enjoyed this book. I think you would enjoy it too!” 9-year-old reader in Houston

6x9 paperback, 52 pages

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