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Bella's Fairytales - paperback

Bella's Fairytales - paperback

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Bella’s Fairytales by Deb Evans is the second book in the Bella’s Tales series. It is a chapter book for young readers–short sentences, accessible vocabulary, simple plot while still being engaging and fun.


"Deb Evans masterfully brings wisdom of the ages to a younger audience, with a fresh and playful twist! Your children will learn important lessons as Bella retells classic fables to her energetic pups who are fighting sleep. As a parent, I can fully relate to children who don’t want to go to bed! Like Bella’s puppies, my own children settle in when I read this to them. I highly recommend incorporating this book into a bedtime routine!” Sharon in Washington

"I love that Deb included the puppies discourse after each fable is told. This always prompts adorable conversation among my children! Deb writes in a way that cultivates active listening and participation from her audience. This is one of my children’s books I truly do not mind reading over and over. My family has loved reading this and learning together, and yours will too!” Robin in Washington


6x9", 67 pages

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