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The Vowel Puppies - paperback

The Vowel Puppies - paperback

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Children will love this introduction to syllable types through the antics of the Vowel Puppies. Written by Reading Specialist Deb Evans, the story is based on reading science and creatively blends the Science of Reading with the Joy of Reading! This book is written for parents and caregivers to read to children, kindergarten through 3rd grade. Features original photographs by Deb Evans of the cutest little Corgi puppies you ever saw.

“My kids are 3-5, and they love this book, especially because of the puppies. It also works as a guide to help me start to teach them how to read, and I appreciate that part, especially since the author has so much experience helping kids with reading. Glad I bought this!” Ciara from New Mexico

“I was allowed to read an advanced copy of this book, and I wish it had been available when my two children were learning to read! Deb Evans has combined her two loves: teaching children to read and photography and the combination is a beautiful and inviting book that children will love! I read it to my niece. She loved the story, and she adored the puppy pictures. It’s a win!” Heather in Houston

Full Color paperback, 6x9, 62 pages

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