Bella's Tales

"Deb Evans masterfully brings wisdom of the ages to a younger audience, with a fresh and playful twist!" 

Poor Bella is one tired Momma Dog! Her active puppies play all day and all night. She needs to find a way to get them to go to sleep!

So begins Bella's Fables, the first book in the Bella's Tales series.

Bella discovers that a nightly bedtime story ritual is just the thing to get the busy pups ready for sleep. Plus it gives the furry family some much-loved time together.

As Bella tells the puppies the stories in Bella's Fables, Bella's Fairytales, and Bella's Tales of Jesus, the charming dialog between Bella and the puppies, combined with the playful innocence, curious reactions, and questions of the puppies help bring life and joy to the stories. 

"I love that Deb included the puppies discourse after each fable is told. This always prompts adorable conversation among my children! Deb writes in a way that cultivates active listening and participation from her audience. This is one of my children’s books I truly do not mind reading over and over. My family has loved reading this and learning together, and yours will too!" Robin J., Washington

Children love Bella and her pups. Your children will be eager to hear the next story from Bella.

NEW! Bella's Tales of Christmas! Available as a paperback and e-book pdf.

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