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Bella's Tales of Jesus - paperback

Bella's Tales of Jesus - paperback

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Pawsitively Inspired Stories from the Gospel Retold by Bella to her Lovable Puppies

When the pups overhear the worried Farmer pray to Jesus, they ask Bella who that is! Join Freddy, Abby, and Emma as their loving mother Bella leads them on a journey through the Gospels as they learn about the wonder of Christ’s love.
With their playful animal perspectives, Bella’s stories engage young hearts and minds, teaching children about the life of Jesus and how he can bring peace to the most troubled minds. As the puppies learn more about Jesus through these Bible stories, they learn to love and trust Jesus themselves.

This heartwarming adventure is an ideal source for bedtime stories for children ages 4 to 8 or for independent readers, generally grades 2-3, who are ready for a chapter book series.

This retelling of New Testament stories stays true to the underlying spirit of the Bible while immersing young readers in a heartwarming fictional narrative. The carefully selected Bible stories present Jesus' teachings and miracles in a way that children can relate to and enjoy.
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